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[1] You can change the style of the sign up form as shown here.

The last option is useful if your Wordpress site uses WPML or Polylang for multilanguage support. By checking this box, each text string configured in the MailUp plugin will be added to the Wordpress strings DB shared by all plugins. The translation plugins will retrieve the strings from this DB and allow to translate them, so that language selection made by the user at site level will also be reflected in the subscription form configured with MailUp's Wordpress Plugin.


Terms and conditions

You can display terms and conditions of the subscription so that the new subscriber can have the opportunity to review them and agree to them.



Include acceptance of terms and conditions

If active, a checkbox is shown and is required.

Terms and conditions

Enter the terms and conditions.


Enter the statement that will be shown next to the checkbox (e.g. "I agree to these terms"


add up to two conditions the subscriber has to accept in order to subscribe the form. Enabling one or more conditions is optional.

In the widget panel, the submit button requires you select all the enabled conditions to proceed.

In the example below two conditions are enabled, only the for the first one an additional text is provided. Please note that basic HTML can be included in the textarea field to link to an external document



Admin panelFrontend widget
Image AddedImage Added


Test connection

You can use the "Test" button to instantly verify the plugin settings you've configured, so that you are immediately aware if there is an IP addresses restriction configured in MailUp, or if an incorrect IP-based restriction set in MailUp is preventing the plugin to communicate with it.