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The final step in your email campaign is to send the email by:


The Deliverability Checkup system will warn you in case the configured sender has issues. If so, go to Settings > Account settings > Deliverability checkup for more details on how to improve your email's deliverability.

Using a dynamic sender

Check the Select sender from recipient data fields to take advantage of Dynamic Sender, an advanced feature that allows you to assign which from email addresses will be sent to which recipient in your mailing.  

When using this feature, the sender name and email are retrieved dynamically from the corresponding recipient fields that store that information. Of course, this assumes that you have previously imported the relevant information into those fields. In other words, the recipients database must contain two custom fields that are used for the sender name and sender email. To create these customized recipient fields, go to Settings > Account Settings > Recipient Fields. Add the field name of the additional "sender," and, in the corresponding field value, insert the sender's email.

titleDynamic Sender

This feature is particularly useful for a company's sales team. Each sales representative's email address is dynamically matched to his/her customers. This means that you can create one customized email that is sent with the corresponding sales representative's email address to the correct recipients. For example, a follow-up after a trade show would come from different sales people, matching prospects to the very sales people that they met at the trade show.

Choosing Recipients 

Select who you want to send your email campaign to. Choose to send the email to test groups or segments of your list or send to all subscribers. To send your mailing to just a few email addresses, please use the Quick Send feature.


To further segment your mailing list, click on "Segments" and in the next page you can include or exclude groups and apply one or more filters. Filters can be found under Recipients > Filters.


Hitting "Send now", the mailing will start immediately and join the other mailings that are being sent out by the platform. No other action is needed by the user, who will be redirected to Send Status page.The mailing will appear in "Sending now" area of Send status, with a blinking "starting up" under "Start date", to put in evidence that the system is preparing to send out the message. This is a technical time needed for preliminary operationsThese operations can last up to one minute: once finished, messages will start to go out.

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