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SOAP Web Services and HTTP API

The SOAP and HTTP APIs were used for many integrations between MailUp and other applications until the REST API (mentioned below) was developed in the summer of 2013.

Unless otherwise indicated, you will need to obtain these API credentials to use such integrations (e.g. to connect Magento to MailUp via the MailUp Extension for Magento).Used by these plugins: Magento, Shopify, other integrations unless they indicate to use the REST API credentials. Please note:

  • Your API credentials are different from your MailUp account login credentials.
  • You can obtain these credentials by logging into your MailUp console, as described below.
  • You will also need to authorize your application by adding its IP address(es) to your MailUp account.


The REST API uses a completely different authentication method, and you do not need to obtain separate API credentials. When an application has been integrated with MailUp using the REST API, you will simply need to enter your usual MailUp account credentials.

As of August, 2013, the following integrations use the REST API (and therefore you will not need to obtain the credentials mentioned below):


Used by these plugins: SalesforceZapier

Credentials for SOAP and HTTP API