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  • the ID of the sending
  • -1 in case the operation is not completed successfully (e.g. due to incorrect parameters or system failure). In this case any recipient has been imported and no messages has been sent. 
    You could check:
    • if parameters fileName, messageId and accessKey has been provided.
    • if parameter accessKey is correct (it should contain the key obtained by login method).
    • that at least one of the parameters listId and ListGuid has been provided. And if they values are correct.
    • ithat parameter sender contains a correct email address or an empty string when provided.

  • -3 in case the request command to start import to MailUp of the recipients included in the file fail. (e.g. due to an import operation already running that the system doesn't recognize).  .
    In this case you could access to MailUp Console and verify if Import operation related to file has been queued. In this case sending operation will be completed, otherwise the SendMessageNL operation should be repeated.

Since SendMessageNL starts an asynchronous task, in some cases a failure may occur after the method call is completed. In this case the failure is notified by means of an alert