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The WS_MailUpImport web service requires for every call an authentication via username and password; credentials must be passed in the header of the SOAP message.

titleAccount credentials vs. API credentials
Note that the API credentials are different from the credentials you use to log into your MailUp account.

Sample WS_MailUpImport authentication

Code Block
<soap:Envelope xmlns:xsi=""
<Authentication xmlns="">
titleSecurity Information
Please Note: in the current release of the API the credentials passed in the authentication request are not encrypted.

Error codes

ReturnCode values in case authentication fails are shown below:

Error CodeDescription
-1000unrecognized error
-1001the account is not valid
-1002the password is not valid
-1003suspended account
-1004inactive account
-1005expired account
-1006the web service is not enabled
-1007the web service is not active
-1011IP is not registered
-1012IP is registered but has the "deny access" flag
-1013Missing authentication data 
-1014Contract not signed

All the methods requiring idList e listGuid at input execute a check on the input values and return one of the following:

Error CodeDescription
-100unrecognized error
-101verification failed
-102list Guid format is not valid