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  • clearMissingOrEmptyFields: if specifiedwhen set to "true", the import process updates to empty every missing or empty field contained clears on MailUp field that is not specified or set as empty in the request body.
  • removeFromPrevGroups: if specified, when set to "true", first the import process removes the given recipients from current groups and any group they have been part of, then it adds them only to that specified in the the group specified along with this request. The This querystring parameter can be used only in import to group callsapplies only to "Add to a MailUp group" cases.


Asynchronous import of one or more recipients on SMS channel

HTTP Method



Code Block
titleAdd to a MailUp list{id_List}/Recipients
Code Block
titleAdd to a MailUp group{id_Group}/Recipients

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titleClick here to learn more about request parameters

Request is composed of a list of comma separated objects, each one of them is composed of the following mandatory fields:

Field NameTypeDescription

Array of objects [0..39].
Each object is composed of
the following fields:  

  • Description (String, optional)
  • Id (Integer, from 1 to 39)
  • Value (String)


Each array object is a personal data field.

If recipient is already existing, the "fields" values can be used to update recipient's personal data

NameStringNot used but required, it can be empty (i.e. "Name":"")
MobileNumberStringNumber format is checked by an asynchronous process, hence in case of invalid number import fails but no error is returned

International prefix. Allowed formats are:

  • prefix with 00 (e.g. "0039")
  • prefix with + (e.g. "+39")
  • empty prefix (e.g. "", default list prefix is applied)


JSON request (example)

Code Block
             "Description":"String content",
             "Value":"String content"
  "Name":"String content",

JSON response (example)

Returns import ID



Paging and filtering (example)