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The Sync/Segment Customers feature, accessible under Newsletter > MailUp, allow you to:

  • Manually transfer customer data to MailUp (as opposed to doing so automatically)

  • Segment customers using a number of variables (e.g. what they purchased in a specific time period) and pushing that "segment" to MailUp as a "Group"


  • Transferring customer information manually to MailUp can help in a variety of scenarios, such as when you are initially setting up the MailUp Extension and wish to push Customers to MailUp
  • Planning targeted campaigns that leverage data that is not available in MailUp

Please note that, due to technical limitations, this feature will only retrieve customers who have registered for an account on your shop. It will not retrieve data for purchases performed as guests.

Manually transferring customer information to MailUp


  • You have been running your store for a while
  • You have not, however, pitched customers on signing up for your newsletter during checkout or registration
  • You wish to ask them to do so
  • In this scenario, you will want to use the Send opt-in confirmation message to new subscribers (see below)


  • You have been using Magento for a while.
  • Before using MailUp, you didn't collect opt-in preferences in some scenarios. For example: there was a newsletter signup form in the footer of the storstore, but did not have a newsletter signup checkbox during checkout.
  • Many customers, therefore, never opted in to receive emails because they didn't even know that they could.
  • You wish to invite those non opt-in customers to subscribe to a new email marketing program that you are about to launch. 
  • For example, you plan on sending them a message such as... "We are starting an awesome new email program: sign up to receive weekly store updates and promotions!"
  • Although legally (e.g. CASL) you could send commercial messages to those that are considered active customers (i.e. have purchased within the last 2 years), you prefer to follow email marketing best practices and have them opt in.
  • You can easily filter in Magento anyone that is not considered opted-in in the Magento database by selecting the corresponding filter in the Sync/Segment Customers feature of the MailUp Extension.


  • Most of the transaction data transferred to MailUp refers only to the latest order placed by the customer. E.g. a filter like “Locate everyone that purchased in Q1 of 2012” cannot be done in MailUp as MailUp does not keep a record of every order placed by the customer.
  • Magento Customer Groups do not exist in MailUp and cannot currently be mapped to a field in MailUp
  • A SKU-based search on a product cannot be done in MailUpOnly subscribers exist in MailUp (customers that subscribed to the store newsletter). This means that a filter like: “Locate everyone that purchased product XYZ” cannot be done in MailUp. MailUp would return only subscribers that purchased that product, not all customers that did so. There are cases, however, when non-subscribers need to be contacted as well. Think of a product recall (e.g. children toys) or severe security issue (e.g. software application).

All in all, the transaction data that is transferred to MailUp becomes a great tool for automated, triggered messages (e.g. to contact anyone that has not purchased in over 90 days). The filtering tool in Magento, instead, is a quick and easy way to create targeted groups of customers that can be manually contacted (e.g. a manually executed email marketing campaign).