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  • Magento Extension: Syncing and Segmenting Customers

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Magento has announced that they will stop supporting the Magento 1.x platform, and will finally sunset the version 1 by June 2020. More info here.

Following this announcement, we will stop supporting our integration with Magento 1 as well. Support will end on June, 30 2019.

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  • Store: segment based on which store the customer was created in.
  • Purchase history: quickly segment based on whether customers purchased or not. The definition of what a purchase is depends on the order statuses that you selected in the settings.
  • Opt-in status: filter customers that have vs. have not opted to receive emails from the store
  • Groups: select a Magento group
  • Location: filter based on country and/or zip code
  • Products and categories: filter based on purchase of a specific product (SKU) or product category
  • Total purchased amount: segment customers that have purchased more, less, or exactly a certain amount
  • Purchase time frame: restrict results to customers that have purchased or not purchased during a specific time period.


titleWhere was the customer created?
Note that where a customer account was originally created matters when you are using the store filter. That filter only matches customers created in the store you select. It’s not whether they have purchased in that store or not.