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Test a filter

With Mailup 8.8 you can now test a filter as you create it or edit it by performing a real-time email or SMS search that returns the number of subscribers that match the filter (great feature improving your productivity (smile))

From the example below we tested an activity filter while working on its condition and it returned 2 subscribers

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When filters are used

Filters are used for many different purposes in your MailUp admin console.

  • They are shown in the advanced advanced search options  options when you are looking for specific recipients
  • They are also shown at the time you you set up a mailing, allowing you to narrow the list of recipients that will receive your message
  • They can be used to create create Groups. For example, you could move into a new group called "Male under 30 in NYC" every recipient that meets the filters "Male", "Under 30", and located in "New York" (assuming you saved that information in the recipients databasethe recipients' database)
  • They can also be used to send targeted targeted triggered messages. For example, a "Thank You" note could be sent to customers that match the filter "Latest order date was 30 days ago" (the order date could be saved to the recipients database the recipients' database by using an ecommerce integration)an ecommerce integration)
  • They are also shown at the time you set up a new recurring automated campaign via Email
  • Finally, they can be used together with with dynamic content, another advanced feature that allows you to dynamically change the content of a message when certain conditions are met


All in all, filters are one of the most


powerful features in MailUp and can allow you to run sophisticated marketing campaigns.

Filters and the Marketing+ package

Your MailUp account comes with a few, default filters. In order to be able to add and edit multiple filters, you will need to add the Marketing+ package to your account.

 On the filters summary page, through the actions menu, you can quickly:

  • edit, create a copy or delete a filter,
  • search recipients using the selected filter in the email (Use in email search) and in the SMS (Use in SMS search).

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