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If you decide to create your email from scratch using our WYSIWYG HTML editor, you can control all aspects of your message, from graphical layout to more technical aspects.

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  • Fill in the Subject field. You can also customize it using dynamic fields.
  • Fill in the Admin Notes field with your comments: this text won't be visible to your recipients.
  • Fill in the Preheader field: it's a text (max 100 characters) that follows your email subject in an inbox, useful for increasing your open rates. Click here to learn more.
  • Add Tags to categorize your messages, for example "Winter campaigns" or "Product launch", so you can retrieve all mailings with certain tags with a simple search.
  • Customize message Header and Footer clicking on the respective buttons at the top of the page
  • Create message content with the Editor
  • When you're done, save your message clicking on the Save button


Click on Quick send to send the email draft that you are working on to your email address. This way you can check how your email looks in the inbox.Image Removed


It is recommended to perform a couple of test sends of your email to popular inboxes such as Gmail, Outlook, and Yahoo! before sending the email to your full mailing list.

For additional ways to send a test mailing, view this page.