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The Confirmation request is an automated email sent to recipients that have been imported and/or have subscribed through subscription forms so that they can confirm their intent to subscribe to the list.


Sending prospective new subscribers to your list a request to confirm their intent to subscribe is an email marketing best practice. It's called double opt-in or confirmed opt-in. It's the only positive way to prevent invalid email addresses and "spamtraps" from being added to your recipients' database as subscribers since only humans actually interested in receiving messages from you will click on the confirmation link.



Please note that MailUp considers the subscribers' consent collection a fundamental requirement.

If according to your evaluations, you may require to collect subscribers' consent. In this case, you can import again your contacts using the confirmed opt-in procedure. But, be aware that only a low percentage of your database will confirm their subscription.


After having personalized the email, make sure that there is at least one subscription confirmation link in the body of the message. Otherwise, MailUp will not recognize the message as Confirmation request notification. 

Another way to enable the Confirmation request notification is from the message Overview page. As shown in the example below make sure that the checkbox is enabled. If it is not, this may mean that the message does not contain the confirmation link.


In the image below you can see how the tab in the Overview page changes when the message is active:


titleShort and clear
Make sure that the message is short and to the point. It's very important that recipients understand that they must click on the subscription link to activate their subscription to your newsletter or other communication.