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Comment: Published by Scroll Versions from this space and version 9.2

What is it?

The welcome SMS is a message automatically sent to all new subscribers, who subscribed via a signup form, to greet them.

Why you should use it

The Welcome SMS it is not only a confirmation message but can also be considered as the first "business card" we provide to those who know little or nothing about us. You can use it to insert a link to a Landing page where you can highlight key things they should know or send special offers and promo.

 How it works

Use this feature to enable or disable a "welcome" text message sent to a newly subscribed recipient. Default The default value is "off". Clicking the "Off" button far to the right enables the editor for changes. You can set a different sender number and modify the body of the message.

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Far to the right of the screen you have the "Dynamic fields" button, which lists the dynamic fields you can insert into the message text, and allows you to set a default value for each field  For example, the default value for [ first name ] is "Customer": if you insert this dynamic field, this value will be viewed by the recipients who do not have that piece of information associated to their phone number in your database.

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Now you can set the sender number and customize the message body.

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And then click on "Save".