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You will find the New list button under Settings > Account settings > Lists.

This feature allows you to create a new list and to complete its setup.

There are 5 tabs in this section: let's see them in detail:


First of all, insert the List name and the Company, used internally to identify the business that the List is associated with (e.g. if you are an advertisement agency and you are managing the mailings of several clients).

Th following section is divided in its turn into 5 sub-areas that allow to completely customize your messages. Click here for a comprehensive description of each one of them.



Before proceeding to set all the parameters, you have


a very useful tool that allows you


to copy look and settings (such as message header, footer, default messages, e-mail notifications, preference center, etc.) from another existing list: "Copy settings from


list", just select the list from which you want to copy the settings from the


drop-down menu and


A list name is a required field.

Our system gives you the chance to compare your mailings to those of other companies in the same industry that use our system.

In order to allow the system to do that, you have to fill out these fields correctly:


click "Save".