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Drupal Prerequisites

The MailUp module for Drupal works with versions 6.x of Drupal. It has been successfully tested with Drupal 6.26 and MailUp versions from 7.4 to 8.0.
If you have a standard installation of Drupal please ensure that you have installed also the following:


Hence, Drupal status report (admin/report/status) should be similar to what you see below.



Modules to be installed on Drupal

Modules listed below shall be downloaded, unzipped and copied into "modules" folder of your Drupal installation


Drupal module for MailUp is available in English and in Italian. English is the default language, if you want to use Italian version please check the Language settings page.


Enabling integration on MailUp

After selecting "Setting > Account settings > Developer's corner > web services" and "WSMailUpImport" dropdown menu you must

  • set a value for WS password
  • add the IP address of your Drupal server in order to authorize access from that IP. If you're unable to specify an IP address you can remove selection on "IP address check Enabled" option.


Configuration of MailUp module on Drupal

Before you start you must connect installed module to your MailUp admin console. Here below you can find an example of how the module has to be configured.


Use email confirm service: select this option if you want that newsletter subscribers receive an email to confirm their subscription.


Map profile of Drupal users with MailUp personal data fields

In order to obtain a better segmentation of the recipients of your message you can export to MailUp the profile settings of Drupal users.

As shown in the picture below, MailUp personal data fields are listed in the "Profile mapping" page, then you can link each data field with a Drupal field by means of a dropdown menu.

Image Added

Selection of MailUp lists that can be used for subscriptions