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As shown in the picture below, MailUp personal data fields are listed in the "Profile mapping" page, then you can link each data field with a Drupal field by means of a dropdown menu.

 Selection of MailUp lists that can be used for subscriptions

You must enable on Drupal the MailUp lists that you want to make available for subscription. For each MailUp list you can click on its name and specify then a "Drupal local name" in order to expose a name that is more user friendly.

In the pictures below you can see that only four MailUp lists have been enabled for subscriptions through a Drupal powered website that uses "MailUp integration" plugin.


Here below you can see the page that can be accessed by clicking on list name. On this page you can specify a "local name" and, optionally, one or more groups in which subscribers should be added when subscribing to that list