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Comment: Published by Scroll Versions from this space and version 8.9.4

In this section of the admin console your platform you find the queue of the messages sent with the SMTP+ feature.


You can access this section only if at least one SMTP+ user has been configured

The list of the available messages displays the following information:

  • List ID: the list associated to the message 
  • Message ID: an identifier for the message
  • Subject: the subject of the message
  • Recipients: in case there is just one recipient, it will be shown with the corresponding email address, otherwise you will view the heading Multiple recipients, and you can click on the heading to expand it and see the complete list of recipients. The overall number of recipients is shown in the last column "Number of recipients"
  • Sender: email address of the sender
  • Scheduled: date in which the messages has to be sent
  • Estimated time: time needed to complete the delivery of all the messages
  • Number of recipients: total number of recipients for the message

You can also search the list of the available message using the available filters.

You can stop or restart the queue at any time: when the queue is stopped the messages remain in the queue until it is restarted again.

titleNotes on priority

All the messages sent from within the admin console have a default priority 3 - normal. When the messages sent using the SMTP+ feature are set with priority 1 - very high, these messages will be sent before any other messages, in first place in the sending queue. Scheduled messages or messages being sent are stopped for the time required to send the high priority messages, and then they resume when the bandwifth is available again.


 page shows:

  • number of messages sent during the current day
  • number of message queued at the moment
  • estimated time to send queued messages.

Clicking on "Refresh", the data will be updated.