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  1. Load the advanced search page (Recipients > Channels > Email)
  2. Select a filter in the advanced search options (e.g. a geolocation filter that you previously created)
  3. Run the search
  4. Copy the recipients to the group that corresponds to the search that you ran. Note: you will likely want to use the "Copy" feature and not the "Move" feature: otherwise recipients will be removed from any other group that they may have been assigned to, and into the group that you are assignment them to.

You are now ready to schedule your mailing to recipients in different time zones.

How to schedule the same email message for different time zones


You can schedule multiple mailings of the same email message. Under Messages > Email > Send, select your email message, and click on Send.


Note that the messages will be sent based on the bandwidth sending speed that you are subscribing too. Using this type of scheduling actually helps you take advantage of that bandwidthyour sending capacity.

For instance, let's say that you subscribed to an amount of bandwidth that allows you to send around a sending speed of 10,000 messages per hour, and that the groups that you created in the step above contain between 5,000 and 10,000 recipients. By scheduling the messages as indicated, you are taking advantage of your bandwidth sending capacity and delivering messages between 8am and 9am to all recipients!