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Admin Console URL

This URL is unique for each MailUp account. It’s the domain portion of the URL shown in your browser address field when you are using your MailUp admin console. It looks like something like or

To locate it, just log into your MailUp account, launch the admin console, and look at the URL in the browser address field. This URL is unique for each MailUp account.

Account ID

Your MailUp account ID. It's the numeric portion of your MailUp user name.

For example, if your user name is m12260, your account ID is 12260.

API User NameYour MailUp API User Name. To retrieve your MailUp API user name and password, log into your MailUp admin console and navigate to Manage > Web Services
API PasswordYour MailUp API Password. Same as above.
ListThe List within your MailUp account that you wish Customers to be subscribed to, by default.
Enable Automatic Data ExportSelect yes to enable automatic data export from Magento into your MailUp list. Additional details.
Export Frequency
Select how often data will be updated and exported. (e.g. choose "Hourly").