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Number of custom recipient fields

The console control panel platform has 39 custom fields available: they are called Recipient fields. Specifically, each recipient in the contact database contains:


To locate Recipient fields in the admin consolecontrol panel, go to Settings > Account settings > Recipient fields


  • Field ID: a numeric identifier
  • Field name: choose a name that easily defines which kind of data the field contains
  • Default value*: is used when a message is sent, if the field is inserted into the message as a dynamic field. If the field is empty for one or more recipients, the default value is used when the message is sent out to those recipients.
  • Dynamic field (Y/N): if set to Yes, the field will be available in the list of fields that can be inserted into a message using the corresponding feature in the message editor when adding or editing a message
  • Required field (Y/N): if set to Yes, the field will be considered a required field on subscription forms that use the default form field validation code that is included in consolecontrol panel.


titleAdditional notes on the Default Value

* The Default value: 

  • is not used during the creation of a recipient (regardless of how it is created): that field will not be populated with the default value when the recipient is created
  • is not used in forms that contain that field (example: a registration form): same as above.
  • is only used when the field is inserted into a message as a dynamic field. When the field is empty for a recipient, the default value is inserted into the message (for more information see: using dynamic fields)


  • you can use them to add dynamic tags to your messages (e,g. Dear and the customer's first name).
  • you can map them to a import file's columns when importing data into consolecontrol panel
  • you can use them on subscription forms and profile update forms to collect additional information on your subscribers
  • you can take advantage of them when integrating console control panel with other applications
  • etc.