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Create/Delete/Update lists (tick)    
Create/Delete/Update groups (tick)(tick)   
Read lists and groups (tick)(tick)   
Import recipient (single)(tick)(tick)(tick)(warning)1(warning)2 
Import of recipients (bulk) (tick)(tick) (tick)(warning)3
Force optin of unsubscribed recipient (single)?(warning)2(tick) (warning)2 
Force optin of unsubscribed recipients (bulk) (tick)  (tick) 
Unsubscribe recipient (single)(tick)(tick)(tick) (warning)2 

Unsubscribe recipient (bulk)

 (tick)  (tick) 
Read personal data fields settings (tick)(tick)   
Update recipients' personal data fields(tick)(tick)(tick) (tick) 
Check recipient's subscription status(tick) (tick)   
Add to group (single)(tick)(tick)(tick) (warning)2 
Add to group (bulk) (tick)(tick) (tick) 
Remove from group (single)  (tick)   
Remove from group (bulk)    (warning)4 
Create email message (tick)(tick)(tick) (tick)
Read email messages (tick)(tick)   
Manage tags  (tick)   
Manage attachments (tick)(tick)(tick) (tick)
Manage both embedded and not embedded images in the same message   (tick)  
Manage dynamic fields while sending (email) (tick)(tick)  (tick)
Manage dynamic content while sending (email) (tick)?  ?
Full content customization for each recipient   (tick)  
Allow mixing embedded and not embedded images in one email message   (tick)  
Transactional emails (warning)5 (tick)  
Send to a single recipient (email) (tick)(tick)(tick) (warning)2,3
Send to a group (email) (tick)(tick)  (tick)
Send to all list subscribers (email) (tick)(tick)  (tick)
Scheduled sending (email) (tick)    
Get email statistics in real time (tick)(tick)   
Get email statistics (with scheduled process)    (tick) 
Create SMS (with dynamic fields) (tick)  (warning)6 
Send SMS to a recipient (tick)  (warning)6 
Send SMS to a group/list (immediate & scheduled) (tick)  (warning)6 
Get SMS statistics in real time      
Get SMS statistics (with scheduled process)    (tick) 

(1) New recipients are added to list when a message is sent to them
(2) For this API the feature is designed for bulk operations, its massive use on single recipients may affect system performances
(3) New recipients are added when listed in enclosed "one2may.import" file
(4) Requires a customization
(5) Can be used for confirmation requests, not for massive use (see this page Rate Limiting about SendSingleNewsletter)
(6) With the "Text message (SMS) sending from .CSV file" feature