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With MailUp 8.6.1 you can now fix urls added within your message

When do I need this feature?


The common scenario I want to use this feature is the following:

  • Message The message is sent: mailing has been completed
  • Wrong A wrong link is discovered
  • Sender The sender would like to be able to fix the link

Example: I put but the correct one was

How does it work?


Select Settings >


Advanced settings > Developer's corner



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3. Add the old and the new url

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Remember to use http> Fix URL.

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Add the old (wrong) - in this example - and the new (correct) URL - - and then click on "Activate URL replacement".

A redirect to the new URL is now active.

Remember to use HTTP:// before the urlURL.



4. Click on the Activate URL replacement button



By clicking "Activate URL replacement" all the links are redirect to

The effect of the rule is at console's level (all lists are affected)


Important notes:

  • The algorithm searches for the text in the first text box and replace replaces it with the text of the second text box
  • URLs must be complete with the indication of the protocol (eg
  • After clicking the button "Activate URL replacement" MailUp checks if the domains are blacklisted by Spamhaus and/or  SURBL). The check is done when the URL is saved. There are no periodic checks on the url URL specified for replacement
  • You can specify up to 60 substitutions
  • URL's replacement doesn't last forever. Once the URL is saved it last for 60 days