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Email Options

  • Email size alert: You can set a message size limit, beyond which the system will alert you.
  • Enable web library: this feature allows recipients to see messages in the public web library. Click on "View web library" to view the list of messages that will be viewed by the recipients. 
    •  The list of messages that are available in the web library can be edited from the menu Messages > Saved. Email messages listed there are published in the web library by default. To archive them, thus removing them from the web library, check the box left of the messages and click on "Archive" at the bottom of the page.
  • Tracking: enables message tracking by the system.
  • Content type: Select whether to create your messages in HTML language or just a text version. Note that text only versions do not allow tracking of opens and clicks.
    •  Multipart option: creates a text-only version of the message that will be viewed by recipients whose systems do not support HTML or use the text-only version by default. Check the box to enable the option.
  • Unsubscribe confirmation message: Each time a user unsubscribes, the system will send him a confirmation message, to inform that the unsubscription was successful. 
  • Envelope-sender (return-path): the email address that will receive bounced addresses.
  • X-Abuse: 
  • List-unsubscribe:



The use of the Unsubscribe confirmation message is deprecated because it can lead to spam complaints and/or confuse recipients with regard to being truly unsubscribed


SMS Option

  • Default country code: set here the default country code that will be used by the system.
  • SMS do not disturb time: the system can be configured in order not to send text messages at certain times of the day, when you think they might be disturb the recipients. Click on "Edit" to enable the feature and configuring the setup: you can choose whether to create the "do not disturb" area every day or on a certain time frame, the start and end times, and whether to restart sending at the end of it.


If you're an Agency or Reseller, go back to the Reseller QuickStart Guide for more instructions.