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Import recipient (single)(tick)(tick)(tick)(warning)1(warning)2  
Import of recipients (bulk) (tick)(tick) (tick)(warning)3 
Bulk import limit (MB of data) 

MailUpImport : Multiple import by splitting in blocks, up to 1,5 MB per block

SendMessageNL: as FTP case

Multiple import by splitting in blocks, up to 7 MB per block N/A, but successfully
tested either with 50 MB or with
a single import file containing 4 millions email addresses
10 MB 
Force optin of unsubscribed recipient (single)(tick)(warning)2(tick) (warning)2  
Force optin of unsubscribed recipients (bulk) (tick)  (tick)  
Unsubscribe recipient (single)(tick)(tick)(tick) (warning)2  

Unsubscribe recipient (bulk)

 (tick)  (tick)  
Subscribe with confirmed optin (COI)(tick)(warning)10(warning)10    
Read personal data fields settings (tick)(tick)    
Update recipients' personal data fields(tick)(tick)(tick) (tick)  
Check recipient's subscription status(tick) (tick)    
Add to group (single)(tick)(tick)(tick) (warning)2  
Add to group (bulk) (tick)(tick) (tick)  
Remove from group (single)  (tick)    
Remove from group (bulk)    (warning)4  


Create email message (tick)(tick)(tick) (tick) 
Read email messages (tick)(tick)    
Manage tags  (tick)    
Manage attachments (tick)(tick)(tick) (tick) 
Manage both embedded and not embedded images in the same message   (tick)   
Manage dynamic fields (tick)(tick)  (tick) 
Manage dynamic content (tick)?(tick)  (tick) 
Manage image upload (i.e. make them hosted by MailUp)  (tick)(tick) (tick) 
Manage attachments (tick)(tick)(tick) (tick) 
Full content customization for each recipient   (tick)   
Allow mixing embedded and not embedded images in one email message   (tick)   
Transactional emails (account credentials after signup, password reminders...) (tick)(warning)5 (tick)   
Transactional emails (newsletters, customized messages) (warning)(tick)5 (tick)(tick)   
Promotional emails (tick)(tick)    
Send to a single recipient (tick)(tick)(tick) (warning)2,3 
Send to a group (tick)(tick)  (tick) 
Send to all list subscribers (tick)(tick)  (tick) 
Scheduled sending (tick)     
Manage queue of messages to be sent (tick)     
Get email statistics in real time (tick)(tick)   (tick)
Get email statistics (with scheduled process)    (tick)  


(4) Requires a customization

(5) Can SendSingleNewsletter method can be used for confirmation requests, not for massive use (see this Rate Limiting about SendSingleNewsletterthis method)

(6) With the "Text message (SMS) sending from .CSV file" feature 


(9) Restrictions on caller IP cannot be used and shall be disabled in case of cloud hosting (in this case it is not possible to get all possible IPs to be authorized)

(10) Strong limitations apply. Check out this page for details and workaround