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With MailUp 8.7we are introducing  (January 2015) we introduced a new tab called List building tools under Settings > List settings. The List building tools tab replaces replaced the previous Subscription forms tab and it is represented a completely redesigned section with featuring:

  • a brand new drag and drop form builder (center)


  • a subscribe button tool (left)


  • our email sign-up pop-up integration with PadiAct (right).

With these new tools you can:

  • Quickly create a button that links to a hosted subscription form
  • Create editable subscription forms with a flexible, drag-&-drop form builder
  • Take advantage of the MailUp integration with the PadiAct service


Creating editable


subscription forms


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In this page you can:


There are two ways to create a subscription form:

  • Click on Add new form to use the new drag-&-drop subscription form builder (recommended)
  • Click on Create new form using WYSIWYG editor to create a subscription form using an HTML editor

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Using the drag-&-drop form builder


The new email subscription form builder allows you to create your own custom sign-up forms in a whole new, super-easy way. In fact, you will build sign-up forms via drag and drop without the need of any HTML knowledge!

In the example below we have created a form that get the subscribers updated about their favourite music's allows subscribers to receive updates on their favorite music concerts in San Francisco.