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  1. columns header, exported along with the data
  2. last Action only: you can choose to read only the latest action a recipient took for a certain campaign. So if a recipient views a campaign and then he clicks on it, on the csv only the click row will be exported.
  3. toggle click related rows
  4. toggle open/views related rows
  5. toggle bounce related rows
  6. toggle no action (NCO) related rows
  7. toggle sent email rows (SNT).  ( from 8.9 onward )



What is the difference between NCO and SNT row types?

  1. NCO marked rows might represent a temporary action status. If the same NCO recipient should ever open or click an email, the NCO row would not be included in the exported csv.
  2. SNT instead reports the campaign sent to a certain recipient, and its status won't vary in the time even following to an open or a click action event. When SNT is enabled, usually NCO is not, and viceversa.