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Suppression lists are not natively supported by MailUp but you can create a dedicated group of recipients to  exclude from sending. In order to automate the process, you can contact MailUp support department and request for the configuration of an FTP based integration with a batch process runing hourly. This process has to be set to import in a new group ( where the destination group name mathces the actual import file name) the recipents that are listed in the file to be imported. Then, when you access to MailUp admin console, you can schedule  or fire your campaign to be sent to "all subscribers except for the recipients that belong to a certain group". It should be easy for you to identify the right group because it has the name of the imported file plus a timestamp.


Send transactional and other personalized emails


SMTP or API: it's your choice

 Sending messages through MailUp from an external application allows you to take advantage of:

  • The high reputation and scalability of the MailUp sending infrastructure
  • Automatic bounce and feedback loop management
  • Ability to include dynamic tags and dynamic content
  • Ability to check the send status via API


Message personalization

You can personalize messages using either data that already exists in the MailUp recipient database (and merge tags that will retrieve that data) or by passing value pairs to the system.This  This is supported using both SMTP relay and the API.