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Comment: Published by Scroll Versions from this space and version 9.4


To begin creating a message with the new BEE editor from your platform, click on Messages > Email, then click on "NEW EMAIL" and then click "START DESIGNING"

Drag-&-drop templates



Build your message starting from:

  • Basic templates: they are basically wireframes for your new message
  • Rich templates: they contain sample content to give you some design ideas
  • My templates: they are previously saved custom templates

For basic or rich templates, you can:

  • Preview it
  • Create a copy and save it as a custom template
  • Create a new message starting from the template, by clicking on NEW EMAIL.

In the "My Templates" section, you can also edit or delete templates.


Create the message

Creating a message with BEE is very easy.


Click on the icon on the right of the toolbar to expand it to "advanced" mode. Here you will find additional text editing tools, including advanced features such as merge tags (e.g. "Dear [firstname],").


We would like to inform you that Google fonts are available to you in order to further customize your message. Please be aware that if you use them, your recipients' IP addresses may be tracked by Google. Further information, can be found at in Google’s privacy policy at


The Structure panel includes different types of structural elements for your message. Think of them of a way to create different sections of the message.


titleAutosave and restore BEE messages

The platform every 30 seconds save automatically a copy of the message.

If the editor is closed by mistake, once entering again in the editor a pop-up will ask you to resume editing, preview the message and then decide what to do or, directly discard it.


From the drop-down menu near the save & exit button you are also able to:


Content available in custom rows is retrieved through Sources created using a link (RSS/ATOM feed) or by uploading a .csv or .json file.