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Before sending out your email to all of your recipients, sending a test mailing to yourself at different inboxes (i.e. Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo!, etc) is a good idea. This way you can fine tune and check that your final email will be shown properly in the inbox of your recipients.

In addition to sending a Quick test from the Email editor, there are two ways to send a test mailing. Under Messages > Email > Send, let's look at:

  • Test send: send your email to a default group called TEST.
  • Quick send: send your email to a few email addresses.

Test send

The Test send feature sends the email you are working on to the TEST group.


Your TEST group (found under Recipients > Manage groups) should contain a list of email addresses, such as your own multiple email addresses (Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo!, etc) and/or any email addresses from colleagues involved in the review/check-up/testing of your email marketing campaign.

Quick send

The Quick send feature is a simple way to send out your email to a few email addresses (maximum 10 email addresses).In addition, those email addresses you enter can also be added to your TEST group.