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Comment: Published by Scroll Versions from this space and version 9.1.2

Clicking on Marketing+ > Automation > Workflows, a list of existing workflows will be displayed.

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For each workflow, the page indicates:

  • name and description
  • workflow type and number of emails configured in the workflow
  • status (ON/OFF/draft)

For each workflow, the Image RemovedImage Added switch indicates that it's currently active, while the Image RemovedImage Added switch means that the workflow is disabled. If you are not done configuring the workflow, you will see it in "draft" status.

Click on the Image Removed Image Added button of a workflow to perform these actions:


Clicking on the search icon in the upper right of the page you can perform a search among workflows by using at least one of the search criteria.

Image RemovedImage Added

  • Name and description
  • Tags (shows workflows containing at least of the selected tags)
  • Status (active/draft/paused)
  • Workflow type
  • Messages in the workflow (shows workflows containing at least one of the select messages)