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You could use a single background image that covers the whole width of the message (e.g. in the heading of the email) , and add text and button buttons to obtain a modern and eye-catching style.


 An alternative is to use an image as a row background, while keeping a solid color as the content background, like in this example.


When Repeat is selected, the image is repeated. This works well with symmetrical patterns, repeatable to cover all the available space. Use "Full widthFullwidth" and "Repeat" together if you want to repeat a pattern across the width of the row. If the row is higher than the height of the image, the pattern will be repeated vertically too.

When When the Center is selected, the image is centered. If "Repeat" is also active, the image is centered and then repeated to the left and to the right. If you "Repeat" without centering, the image is positioned in the top-left corner of the row, and then repeated to the right.

All three settings can be enabled and disabled independently of each other. Try uploading a small image and play playing around with them to understand how the positioning of the image is affected.


For those email clients - and for best results when images are blocked - make sure that you set a background color for the row that works well in the absence of the background image.

Image resizing

In order to To make the system more compatible with the row background image feature, a few other changes were introduced.

  • Images are uploaded at their native width if their width is up to 1920 pixels
  • Images larger than 1920 pixels are resized to 1920 pixel width
  • All images, regardless of their width, are automatically optimized without quality loss
  • The size limit for image uploads has not changed (maximum 5mb 5Mb per file).