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What does it mean that Workflows are in BETA

Workflows are currently a BETA feature. This means that:

  • it's a production quality feature but it should be used with extra care: do not use it for real email or SMS campaigns until you have tested it and have confirmed that it meets your expectations.
  • we encourage you to provide feedback and suggestions, using the "Feedback" tab on the right to let us know what you think. We're working hard to make it more stable and complete and your feedback is really important in this process.
  • there are known limitations (see below) and we suggest you read them before using workflows, to avoid potential issues.

Known limitations

These are the known limitations for Workflows BETA (as of October 2016).


Before using workflows, please note that:

  1. Workflows work correctly only if the messages included are not used elsewhere (e.g. other workflows, campaigns, tasks, API mailings etc.). If you need to use the same message for other purposes, always remember to first create a copy in Messages > Email > Saved and use that copy for the workflow.

  2. Please note that if you create an automation task with the same start condition of a workflow, the workflow may never start. To avoid this situation, you should EITHER use workflows OR automation tasks to send the same message when the same condition occurs, not both. You can use tasks and workflows at the same time when they serve different purposes, of course. Just not when the purpose is the same.

  3. All actions in a workflow may happen up to one hour after the condition occurs.

  4. The workflow type "Group condition" takes into consideration also recipients that belong or don't belong to a group at the moment the workflow is activated. This means that:
    1. If the start condition is "recipient recently joined the group", all recipients that belong to the selected group when the workflow is activated will enter the workflow.
    2. If the start condition is "recipient recently left the group", all recipients that do not belong to the selected group when the workflow is activated will enter the workflow.