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To create an email message, select Message> Email > New. You can create an HTML message from scratch, load one from a template, or upload your own message template. You can then review and edit the message using the built-in HTML editor. 

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Upload your own HTML message

Click the New icon which will bring up our built-in HTML editor. Here, you can directly load a message created from outside the console (e.g. using an external HTML editor such as Adobe® Dreamweaver®). Then, if needed, you can edit it in the message editing window.

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There are numerous ways to create a new email message:

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Create from BEE

Bee is a brand new, drag-&-drop email editor that was recently added to the MailUp system. With Bee you will be able to work on the content of your email messages without having to worry at all about the underlying HTML. And you will do this in a completely new and highly simplified user interface that's fun and easy to use. In Bee messages are built with content blocks that can be dragged and dropped wherever you want them. Internal tests have shown that you can create a new email message in as little as a minute and a half!

Check out this video and see how easy it is to build your newsletter with Bee!

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Chek more details here

Create from HTML

MailUp has a new drag and drop editor that allows you to create messages quickly and easily. it's called Bee.

  • When you create a message with Bee, you do not have access to the HTML.
  • With the WYSIWYG editor, you cannot drag-and-drop content into the message, but you can access the HTML.
  • You can start a message with Bee and then futher edit it with the WYSIWYG editor, if you need to edit the underlying HTML

In the WYSIWYG editor, all related tools are grouped together and easy to reach: use the tabs on top of the ribbon to pick what you need.

Use the HTML button in the bottom left to view and edit the HTML source code

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Best Practices for creating a successful email message