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  • Use dynamic fields
    This is an easy way to customize the SMS by entering, automatically, some recipient data. Its name, for example, to be inserted at the beginning of the SMS as a greeting. It's a small trick to give the SMS a greater degree of personalization, a more intimate and less depersonalized tone.

  • Concatenated SMS
    It is possible to go beyond the 160 characters, thus sending longer and more extensive, detailed and exhaustive SMS messages. The platform allows you to concatenate up to three ten text messages. The result? 480 1.530 characters available for your campaign.

  • Landing pages
    They are the best ally of a text message. The drag & drop editor helps to create, with simple drag and drop operations, a page optimized for mobile in which to include all the details on products, services, events, competitions, regulations and much more. The recipients will need only a touch to deepen what has been anticipated in the 160 characters of the SMS. In addition, the editor allows a high degree of customization of the landing page, to graphically harmonize it to other channels and make your brand always recognizable. Once you have created the landing page, always remember to shorten the URL with the shortening function, to save characters and have more space for your text.

  • Schedule submissions
    You can choose the day and time to reach your recipients automatically. Just set the exact hour and minute of sending. The sending also has a large amount of flexibility: you can stop, change and resume, at any time.

  • Set do not disturb timings
    A fundamental function to avoid overnight delivery or on certain days of the week.

  • List Check 
    This feature allows you to keep your lists clean and minimize delivery errors, filtering numbers with an invalid format and automatically removing duplicates, when importing and sending.