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The export feature is used to grab recipient data from MailUp and put into an outside format. Excel or CSV files are the typical file formats. Or, an FTP file can be exported but will required require technical assistance from MailUp.

For example, to Image Added

To export emails, go to Recipients > Channels > Email. Click on the Export tab at the top. You can choose from a variety of variables for more targeted exports: by a group, filter(s) and recipient status. Be sure to choose the file format (either excel or csv.) Click on the green Export button.Image RemovedCSV) and then click on "Create" button.

Once at the Download page, go to the Action Box on the right and choose "download". " You will be prompted to open or save the file on your computer.Image Removed

To export reporting data, you will find an export option on each of the reporting pages available for export. See Statistics.