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The setup page will be displayed.

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Configure the settings in each section as described below. Please note that all the data required to configure the plugin is available in your MailUp console under "Settings > Codes Table".




Default Value


Console host

MailUp console URL

Subscribe path

Subscription page name and path (do not modify this entry)



Plugin Title

Subscription form title shown where the widget is placed


"Sign up for our newsletter!"


Text shown under the title


“Enter your information and press SEND”Sign Up”

Select preloaded CSS for widget

Select one of four predefined styles. [1]



Submit Button

Text used for the submit button


"Sign Up"

Request confirmation by email

Asks new subscribers to confirm their subscription via email (recommended)




Select which List in your MailUp account the new subscriber will be added to. MailUp accounts support multiple lists, but you can only add site visitors to one List (and optionally one Group within the List) using this widget.




Numeric list identifier. You can locate the ID in your MailUp console under "Settings > Codes Table".

List displayed name (NOT REQUIRED)

Not currently in use


Numeric group Group identifier within the list. You can locate the IDs in your MailUp console under "Settings > Codes Table". You can add the same person to multiple groups by entering multiple IDs separated with a ";"


  • Check "Show" to show the field in the widget 
  • Check "Req." to make the field required
  • The field code must match a valid field code in your MailUp console. "Email" and "sms" should not be altered. The other field codes can be any of the field codes available in your MailUp console, and they can be located under "Settings > Codes Table". For example, you could ask for First and Last Name.
  • You can use as few as 1 field and as many as 4 fields. In the example below, 3 4 fields are used.

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Here is how the plugin looks by default on customer-facing pages: