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After installing the plugin as described above, access the WordPress administration panel and select Settings > WP MailUp in the left-side navigation menu.

  1. Configure "WP MailUp" plugin through admin page. Please use "?" buttons to obtain help when something is not clear. No file editing required.
  2. Open MailUp console and register IP address of your server (go to "Manage->Web service" and then select "frontend" in the dropdown menu to insert IP address of your server. More than one address could be registered)

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The setup page will be displayed.

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The setup page will be displayed. Before you can connect your WordPress site to your MailUp account by filling out the fields on the setup page, you will need to obtain the API credentials.

So, next steps:

  1. Obtain your API credentials (make sure to add the IP address of your WordPress site on the same page)
  2. Continue with the steps below, starting with adding your MailUp account credentials to the General Settings tab

Configure the settings in each section as described below. Please note that all the data required to configure the plugin is available in your MailUp console under "Settings > Codes Table". 

General settings

Use this section to configure general properties, including the MailUp account URL, form title, etc.