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Comment: Published by Scroll Versions from this space and version 9.5

The Engagement filter category, available only for accounts who have access to the Engagement report, allows you to segment recipients based on their engagement level. For example, you may create an "inactive customers" filter, and then send an email with a promo code to awaken the interest of your customers.

Let's see in detail the conditions you can use and what they mean:

BounceThe recipients has scored high volumes of bounces and soft bounces
NewThere is no rating information (no message sent yet)
InactiveThe recipient has not performed actions recently
Less activeThe recipient has shown low engagement, or the recipient is new and still has to perform any activity
ActiveThe recipient has shown medium engagement, it's a contact who interacts with your campaigns quite frequently
Very activeThe recipient has shown high engagement, it's a contact who consistently interacts with your campaigns