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Summary Report

This is a useful report to first see "at-a-glance" data of the open, click, and bounce rates of your single message. The report then has sections marked: Sent, Read, Link tracking, Engagement and Bounced. You can view each report based on a specific time period by entering the Report start and end dates and clicking View.

The Sent section details the Delivered and Bounce rates out of total sent emails.

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The Read section details the % of types of opens and clicks for a specific message. There are two types of "Opens:" Unique opens (aka Unique readers,) and Opens.

  • Unique opens are those messages opened for the very first time, and
  • Opens are subsequent opens plus the unique open

Unique opens are then divided into Unique opens with images or Unique opens with just text.

  • Unique opens with text means, the reader did not download the images in the email, and just read the text version.

The Overall unique opens gives the total of both Unique Opens with images and text.

The Opens data is similar, and includes Opens in Social as well as from the Web Library (hosted archives.)

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The Link Tracking section reports on readers that have clicked open links of a specific message.

  • Unique click means opening of a link for the first time.
  • Click refers to any subsequent opening of a link.

The "Clicking Readers with no image download" refers to all readers that clicked open a link without downloading the images.

CTOR refers to the Click-to-Open-Rate and divides the number of Clicks to the number of Opens. Meaning, CTOR measures when a reader Opens a message and also Clicks on the links.

CTOR is a crucial data piece that can determine a message's effectiveness.

A low CTOR means there may be something wrong with your message (broken links,) especially if there is not a clear call to action. Or, the message may not be written effectively enough for the reader to click on the link(s).  For more information on how to increase your CTOR, refer to this interesting article.

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The Engagement section gauges a single message's effectiveness based on readers' level of engagement. This engagement is measured by how a recipient reads the message (either via web-page or social media) and the reaction of the reader (does the reader unsubscribe? does the reader share the message on a social page?) Shown below are a variety of actions and reactions:  Web and Social Media opens, non-clicking readers, Shared, Forwards, unsubscribed and complaints.

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The Bounced section details the rate of bounces of a single message. This section breaks down the type of bounce for better list management based on the following Bounce categories: Wrong, Mailbox full, Autoresponders, Temporary error message, Blocked emails, or Other.

Print or Export the Summary Report from the tabs at the bottom of the page.

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