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The XML structure for each recipient needs to be consistent for all subscribers, and include empty tags for required values that are empty. When specifying the phone number for a recipient, the structure of your XML must match the mobileInputType parameter, where either the entire phone number is represented in a single attribute, or the prefix and number are represented in separate attributes. 

For example, if the mobileInputType parameter is set to 1,use the following XML structure:

Code Block
<!--Option 1: number and prefix in a single field (use mobileInputType=1)-->
<subscriber email="" Prefix="" Number="+0018889624587" Name="">

If the mobileInputType parameter is set to 2, use the following XML structure:

Code Block
<!--Option 2: number and prefix in separate fields (use mobileInputType=2)-->
<subscriber email="" Prefix="+001" Number="8889624587" Name="">

In case you also need to specify personal data fields an example is provided below 

  • Personal data fields shall be specified in progressive order and you shall also include empty fields. It is also recommended to use the same data structure (i.e. the same number of fields for each record, even if some fields are empty) for all subscribers. In case of update of an existing subscriber, the empty fields are handled as "don't change this field" when you specify 1, 2 or 3 as ImportType.
  • Do not exceed 50 characters for "email" field and 100 characters for "campo" fields (up to 200 characters are allowed if you use only 7-bit ASCII strings)
  • If you want to update an existing subscriber and clear one or more of its fields you shall use import type with value 4, 5, or 6; in this case any empty field in xmlDoc parameter resets the correspondent field on MailUp console account.
Code Block
  <subscriber email="" Prefix="" Number="" Name="">
    <campo3>Example Company</campo3>
    <campo4>Los Angeles</campo4>
    <campo5> </campo5>
    <campo9>555 Some Street</campo9>
  <!-- repeat for each recipient to import -->

You can use 0 and 1 in place of true and false for boolean parameter values.


titleUnsupported characters in subscribers fields

All field values are handled as strings, character '|' (pipe) is not allowed and may lead to "-402" error codes