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  • string SendSingleSMS(string accessKey, int listID, string subject, string type, string content, string numero, Option[] options)
    • accessKey: access key obtained using the LoginFromId method
    • listID: list identifier. Lists and corresponding IDs can be obtained calling the GetLists Method
    • subject: subject of the text message
    • type: type of message text source (TEXT, ID)
    • content: message text source, depending on the type:
      • type = TEXT, content is the text of the message
      • type = ID, content is the identifier of the text message to be sent
    • options: an array of key/value pairs for options setting. Only the following options are available for this method:
      • note*: a string containing notes about the message 
      • dyn_fld*: boolean value to enable/disable the use of dynamic fields in the message (dyn_fld=true, dyn_fld=false)
      • from: sender of the text messagemessage (note: restrictions may apply in some countries and the sender may be overwritten, please contact us for country specific information)
      • isUnicode: boolean value indicating whether to use Western alphabets only (false), or Eastern alphabets as well, such as Arabic, Russian, Chinese, and so on (true).