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What it is

The "Confirmation request" is an automated email sent to pending recipients so that they can confirm their intent to subscribe to the list. It's also referred to as the "Subscription confirmation request message" in other areas of our documentation.

Why use "confirmed opt-in"

Sending prospective new subscribers to your list a request to confirm their intent to subscribe is an email marketing best practice. It's called double opt-in or confirmed opt-in. It's the only positive way to prevent invalid email addresses and spamtraps from being added to your recipients database as subscribers, since only humans actually interested in receiving messages from you will click on the confirmation link.


You will need to configure the following properties for this automatic notification:

  • Subject: enter a subject for the message. For example "Your company name | Confirm your subscription to our monthly newsletter"
  • Sender name: the person or entity that is sending the message. It could simply be your company name.
  • Sender email: this is the FROM email (the email address that is sending the message). Make sure that it is a recognizable address (e.g. it uses your Web site domain)
  • Subscription confirmation link: make sure that there is at least one subscription confirmation link in the body of the message. You can create one by highligthing any text and clicking on the "Sub" icon in the message editor toolbar.

In the example shown above, for instance, the message contains two subscription links: the first one was created by adding a "Sub" link to the words "click here". The second one was created using the "Sub" link code itself (which is dynamically replaced with a unique link when the message is sent). This approach can help in case the receiving email client does not support HTML (rare), as the second link can be copied and pasted in the browser address field by the recipient.

Short and clear

Make sure that the message is short and to the point. It's very important that recipients understand that they must click on the subscription link to activate their subscription to your newsletter or other communication.

Other automated notifications:

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