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This extension allows subscriptions to MailUp newsletters through a Joomla! powered website.
You can easily add a newsletter sign-up form to manage subscription and unsubscription process.
The MailUp plugin supports the recommended confirmed opt-in subscription method

After the set up you can:

  • add a registration form on the home page of your Joomla! powered website and connect it to MailUp console
  • select MailUp lists and groups that can be visible for subscriptions
  • locally rename lists and groups on Joomla! 
  • keep synchronized Joomla! extension and MailUp also when subscription changes occur outside your Joomla! website.


  • Joomla! v.2.5
  • MailUp v.8.0 or higher
  • MailUp Manager! extension v. 1.0.4 or higher


How to install

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