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Create a new campaign

Let's start our campaign by creating a new one from the top-left dropdown Create new:

In this page you will be required to insert a few data: 

Campaign name

Type: email


Start and end dates


You should not insert any information in the MailUp section, these will be compiled by the tool itself with the statistics of the sent item. 

Add members to your campaign

You will then be required to add members to your campaign by clicking on the Manage Members button:

You will be able to select your campaign members through Salesforce filters. 


You can also add campaign members from other reports you might be running in Salesforce, at any time

After identifying the contacts you want to add to the campaign, simply click on Add with status and set it to Sent, you will see these contacts at the bottom of your campaign page in the section Campaign Members:

Import campaign members into MailUp

You can now start importing your campaign members into MailUp by clicking on the MailUp button on the top of your page.

You will find here further buttons enabling you to perform the following actions:



Export members in MailUp

Creates a group in MailUp

Import statistics in Salesforce

Synchs your statistics from MailUp to Salesforce

Go to MailUp

Log into your MailUp console

Create message from template

Creates a message using one of the 400+ available templates

Create empty message

Creates a new message to build yourself

Refresh message preview

See the latest version of your message

View report

Checkout the latest stats from your activity

After clicking on Export members in MailUp you can access your console (by clicking on Go to MailUp) and notice that you will have a new Group of recipients with the name of the campaign

Create a new message from a template

Ready to create a new message? First, choose if you want to use a MailUp design or prefer an empty message e click on Create message.

You will be able to find your message in your console in the Saved messages with the name of the campaign and all the details of the campaign in the notes.

Modify your message and see the changes in Salesforce

Whenever you change the message in your MailUp console you will be able to see them in Salesforce by clicking Refresh message preview, or simply by refreshing your browser.

This ensures that you are always one click away from seeing exactly the content that has been sent (or will be sent) to your campaign members.

Send your message from MailUp

If you are ready to go, just send the message from MailUp and select your previously created Group in the Select recipients page.


Remember to always change your message's subject. Keep your notes as they are and you will be able to always reference your message back to your Salesforce campaign.

Check your results

After sending your email you will notice a new button on the Salesforce page: View report. The pop up it opens is the copy of your MailUp Summary report.

Synch your statistics

A couple of days after sending the message, you should easily import your statistic in Salesforce with the button Import statistics in Salesforce and you will be able to see the data in the campaign page in the MailUp section: 

And in the campaign members details page:

Use your data

The data that you imported are visible in each campaign member field and can be used to run a report in Salesforce and to create further campaigns.


Some example of campaigns:

  • Re-engage your user by running a report on those campaign members that did not open a specific message and try to engage them with different contents.
  • Send specific offers to those members that opened a previous campaign related to a product or service


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