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I need to integrate my CRM with MailUp. How should I do? Is there any documentation available on this subject?

We have developed two types of integrations, applicable to many systems such as SugarCRM, Salesforce, VTiger and others, which allow to update bidirectionally the user status (subscribed/unsubscribed) inside the CRM. Both modes require on your side some work for the development and integration with the CRM. The two modes are:


Pros: simple and easy

Cons: not in real time (updated at night)

How it works: The database of contacts (full or diff), with status indication (subscribed/unsubscribed) and insertion in lists or groups (infinite groups can be created within a list) must be moved from the CRM to a FTP space. The status (subscribed/unsubscribed) is list-specific. MailUp generates the flow of statistics and unsubscriptions towards via batch FTP mode. Unsubscriptions could also be exported via API call to your public procedure, following specifications you will have provided 


Pros: real time

Cons: more complex to develop on your side

How it works: A code section is added to all the CRM pages where the user file is modified (personal data and status subscribed/unsubscribed in particular). This section updates the MailUp database via standard APIs or Web Services. MailUp generates the flow of statistics and unsubscriptions towards the CRM system via batch FTP mode. Unsubscriptions could also be exported via API call to your public procedure, following specifications you will have provided. You can then switch from the CRM to MailUp by just pressing one button (an auto log-in procedure can be activated), manage the contacts inside the CRM but then you will have to access to MailUp in order to send the message. You can log in to the MailUp console without password, compose the message, choose the target (browsing by group, list or applying filters), then send the message and analyze sending statistics. MailUp personnel can provide support and a testing environment. In addition, we can give you credits for this kind of integration if you wish.


My system requires a type of integration not included in this document. Can it be developed anyway?

Our technicians can analyze and evaluate any custom integration between MailUp and other external systems. If the requested development can be used by other customers as well, you will not be charged any additional fee.


Can I install MailUp in my server farm and personalize it?

Unfortunately this is not possible for two reasons. Firstly, MailUp architecture consists of several frontend, backend, sql and sending servers, with redundant connections, to ensure the highest performance and reliability. Secondly, the sending infrastructure is configured so that the sendings are distributed across several IPs, according to constantly changing rules and to the agreements with ISPs, that often also provide guidelines to be followed. We have also signed agreements with many important ISPs, so to allow whitelisting and to prevent messages from being blocked by antispam filters, even with high volumes of emails being sent. MailUp has also agreements in place with ISPs to handle feedback loops. This infrastructure, also connected to domain and DNS management (e.g. DKIM signatures) is hardly replicable externally, both because of its complexity and because it has to be constantly monitored and updated.


How do I create a subscription form that allows subscription to more than one list at the same time?

You can use the API Subscribe.aspx. XMLSubscribe.aspx can be also used, but in this case a confirmation email will be sent for each selected list. As an alternative, it is possible not to send the email, though we would not suggest this practice.


Is there a way to unsubscribe a user from all lists when he unsubscribes from one of them?

You need to activate a post-operation: after the unsubscription, MailUp can perform predefined actions, such as calling external procedures to update customer’s CRM or CMS, or unsubscribe that user from specific lists. The setup of post-operations is available free of charge.


Do MailUp integration procedures have an additional fee?

All integrations are available free of charge except for the Batch Zip FTP mode.


Can I use MailUp to send messages from my system, without logging in to the MailUp console?

Yes, there are several web services which would serve the purpose, the simplest being SendNewsletterFast.


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