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Adding a New Activity Filter

The process of adding a new Activity filter consists of defining one or more conditions that will be used when the filter is applied.

  • In an Activity filter, all conditions based on activity (or inactivity) by the recipient
  • You can connect multiple conditions using the Boolean operators AND & OR (e.g. did not click on any messages between January and June AND subscribed before January). Learn more about how to set the conditions in a filter.
  • The Link field can be used to narrow the filter to recipients that clicked on a specific link, and therefore can be used only when the Action is Clicked On

The Actions are:

  • Read or did not read
  • Clicked or did not click
  • Subscribed on or unsubscribed on
  • Whom you sent... or whom you did not send
  • Who did not receive... (due to hard bounces or not due to an hard bounce)
  • Performed at least one action
  • Performed less than 5-10 actions
  • Performed 10 or more actions
  • Has generated a Soft bounce error

The Messages drop-down contain a list of messages that have been sent, and also contains the option Any

The Link input field allows you to enter a specific link URL.

Finally, the date fields allow you to specify a date range for which the condition applies.


Link and link tracking code

When you enter a URL in the Link filed, the system performs a "like" match on the URL to determine if the recipient had clicked or had not clicked on it. This means that it will find a match even if the link contained some link tracking code, but you do not enter the link tracking code in the filter. For example, if the link in the email was "", but you only enter "" in the URL field, it will still find a match.


An example: a re-engagement filters

For example, let's assume that you wish to send a re-engagement message to recipients that did not open any message sent to them between April and June, and that subscribed to your list before April. You will use this filter to segment your recipients and send a special, re-engagement message to the ones that match the filter's criteria.

  • Select a Category to assign the filter to, or create a new one
  • Enter a Name for the new filter (e.g. "Re-engage non-readers April-June")
  • In the Action drop-down, you will select Did not read
  • In the Message drop-down, select Any
  • The Link field will remain empty
  • Use the From and To fields to enter the dates that match your timeframe.

Next, click on Add condition to specify the second condition for this filter, i.e. the recipient must have subscribed to the list before April.

  • As the Operator, use AND
  • As the Action, select Subscribed On
  • The Message is not a selectable field in this case, nor is the Link field.
  • For the timeframe, specify a period of time before April.

Click on Save to save the new filter.

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