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MailUp Jade is an app designed to collect leads and subscribers in MailUp. It allows you to create mobile sign up forms on an iPad and add subscribers to your MailUp Lists, even if you don't have an internet connection.

In this page you will learn how to install the app, set it up and create your first form. You'll be ready to add subscribers to your lists, anywhere, anytime, in just a few minutes.

Download Jade for iPad


  • Jade is compatible with any iPad running at least iOS 8.0.
  • You need to have a MailUp account to use Jade.
  • If you're using MailUp with a free trial, you can use Jade as well.
  • You don't need an internet connection to collect subscribers, however it is required the first time you run the app to authenticate and retrieve lists and groups from your account.
  • To set up your forms, make sure that the necessary lists and groups have already been created in MailUp. You can't add or edits lists and groups from Jade.

Connect Jade to MailUp

After installing the app, you need to connect it to your MailUp account:

  1. Launch Jade from your iPad
  2. Enter your MailUp credentials (the ones you use to enter your MailUp control panel) and tap "Log On"

  3. After entering the credentials, you need to confirm that you want authorize Jade to connect to your MailUp account by tapping the "CONFIRM" button.

Create a form

Follow these steps to create your first form.

  1. Tap on the + icon in the upper right of the home screen

  2. In the pop-up, tap the list that will be connected to the form.

  3. You will see a barebone form, with just the name of the list as the title, its notes as welcome text and the email address field.

It's now time to customize your form before using it.

Customize a form

Tap the pencil and paper icon in the upper right of the form view to start customizing it.

If you are in portrait mode, tap on the menu icon in the upper right of the screen to view the tabs.

In landscape mode, Form settings tabs are always visibile on the left.

After you're done, you can go back to the form by tapping the menu icon and then tapping the back icon.


From this tab, you can customize the look and feel of your form.

  • Header: This is the title of your form.
  • Welcome text: This is a subtitle, displayed right under the Header.
  • Upload Logo: You can select a logo from the iPad's camera roll that will be placed on top of your form. We suggest to use a PNG image with transparency, with a minimum width of 310 pixels.
  • Change Background: You can select a background from the iPad's camera roll. JPG and PNG images are supported. The suggested dimensions are
    • 1536*2048 for portrait mode;
    • 2048*1536 for landscape mode;
    • 2048*2048 if you intend to use the form both in portrait and landscape mode.
  • Default Images: If you don't have a custom background, you can choose between 8 predesigned, ready to use images.


Tap the fields tab to choose and customize the fields available in your form.

  • Toggle the Enabled switch to insert a field inside your form
  • Once a field is enabled, you can mark it as mandatory by toggling the Required switch
  • To rearrange the fields' order, drag and drop the  icon on the right of each field.
  • You can also rename fields labels by tapping the orange pencil icon next to each field. 

Once you insert a label, the original field name will stay visibile in grey below the label.


When creating a form, you can optionally select one or more groups where subscribers will be pushed to.

Just toggle the Default switch and all new subscribers will be pushed to the selected groups.


From this screen, you can add a privacy policy checkbox, linked to a web page, enable or disable subscription confirmation or delete the form.

Privacy Policy

By toggling on the switch, your form will display a privacy policy checkbox just above the subscription button. You can customize both the text of the checkbox and the URL linked to this text. Please note that in order to view the privacy page, your iPad needs to have an active internet connection.

Require subscription confirmation

If the option is toggled on, all new subscribers will receive an email containing a link to confirm their subscription. This allows them to confirm their intent to subscribe.

This option is toggled on by default: it is an email marketing best practice and we strongly encourage it. You can however choose to disable it.

Subscription confirmation in MailUp

You can customize the confirmation request email sent to pending subscribers from your MailUp control panel. Read more

Delete form

If you don't need a form anymore and you want to clean up your form list, you can delete it with this option. The app will display a confirmation request.

Selecting a form

With Jade you can create multiple forms, each connected to a MailUp list and independently customizable.

For example, you can create a form for each list in your account as in the picture below.

Or, you can create multiple forms connected to the same list and choose the form you need. For example, if you're on tour visiting a number of trade shows/exhibitions, you can set up a form for each event before departure and just select the right form for the next event you're attending.

Locking a form

Two operations are needed to lock a form, one at app level and the other at iOS level.

Lock a form inside Jade

First, you need to lock the form inside the app by tapping the grey lock icon in the lower right of the form.

The app will ask you for a 4-digit PIN code, needed to unlock the form.

To unlock the form, tap again the lock icon in the lower right and enter the PIN code.

Lock iPad with Jade using Guided Access

The second thing you need to do, to prevent users from messing around with the iPad, is activate an iOS feature called Guided Access. With Guided Access, you can forbid using the iPad physical button, like Standby and Power, or changing the app currently in use by clicking the Home Button.

Guided Access can be configured from the iPad Settings, tapping on General > Accessibility > Guided Access

For more information on how to setup Guided Access on your iPad, visit this knowledge article on

App Settings

From the Form list screen, you can access app settings tapping the Menu icon in the upper left

In landscape mode, settings are always visibile on the left.

Synchronization status

From this screen, you can see for each MailUp list how many subscribers collected in Jade still need to be synced with your MailUp account.

Export Data

Tapping on any list, you can export via email a CSV file email containing subscriber data collected with Jade for that list.

To take advantage of this feature, your iPad must have at least one email account configured

Once you tap a list, a "new email" screen will pop-up, containing a CSV attachment that you can send.

Log out

If you want to log out of Jade, you can do so by tapping "Log out" in app settings.

If you log out of the app, all forms and subscribers data associated with the forms will be removed. This will not affect subscribers that have already been synced with your MailUp account.

Sync now

If you have collected subscribers while offline, you can synchronize them with your MailUp account by tapping the green circle arrow icon in the lower part of the app settings

Please note that, depending on number of subscribers to sync and number of MailUp lists and groups, sync time can take up to 10 seconds.

The sync is also useful if you want to use newly created lists and groups in MailUp.

Apart from this setting, Jade will sync with your MailUp account on opening and when unlocking your iPad from Sleep Mode (except when a form is locked).

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