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Our drag & drop email editor allows you to create imapctful messages in few minutes of impact messages. It combines ease of use with many features that give you full control over the design of your emails. It offers a drag and drop interface that allows anyone to create captivating emails without any HTML knowledge, capable of automatically adapting to small screens, such as those of a smartphone.

Amongst BEE's features:

  • advanced email design tools, with granular control on rows, columns, padding, borders, etc.
  • high compatibility with mobile devices
  • ability to add your own HTML via a "Custom HTML" content block
  • dozens of professionally designed templates
  • User interface designed for usability and work efficiency.

To learn more:

  • Click on "How it works" for a short guide on creating messages with BEE
  • Click on "FAQs" for a list of answers to frequently asked questions
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