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Verified senders

In this section you can:

  • see all FROM email addresses that have been verified;
  • search among those addresses;
  • add a new address and verify it;
  • see deliverability checkup test results for each address.

Deliverability checkup tests give useful information to identify potential deliverability issues and suggest corrective measures, if necessary.

Click on "Test results" next to each address to see all performed tests in detail. Clicking on "About these tests" and on "How to fix it" links, you'll get all the background information on the main concepts about email authentication and how to add any missing authentication to your domains to improve your deliverability. If you need to, you may also repeat the tests for an address.


When you send an email using a FROM email missing SPF or DKIM authentication, we will authenticate those emails for you. This will increase your deliverability and help you avoid spam filters. Some email clients may show that your messages are sent "via" our servers or that our servers are sending emails "on behalf of" you. You can turn off automatic authentication clicking the "Authentication" tab, but we strongly recommend to keep it on for better delivery rates of your campaigns.

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