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Credits are needed to send out SMS campaigns. The number of credits available is always visible in the lower left part of the platform. To access credits management options, click on that number. You will be presented with two choices.

Buy credits

In this section of your Customer account area, you can buy credits packages and see how many text messages you can send with each package, based on the destination country,

Allocate credits

From this page, you can choose to allow all lists to freely use credits or set a limit for any list.

In the Agency Control Panel you can also move credits from one account (customer) to another.

SMS Price per country

These pages are whitelabel and can be used or embedded to calculate the number of credits used for sending 1 SMS in every country.

You can also add a parameter to have the a specific country automatically selected, ie: (using ISO country codes)

A JSON is also available: 

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