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The export feature is used to grab recipient data from MailUp and put into an outside format. Excel or CSV files are the typical file formats. Or, an FTP file can be exported but will required technical assistance from MailUp.

For example, to export emails, go to Recipients > Channels > Email. Click on the Export tab at the top. You can choose from a variety of variables for more targeted exports: by group, filter(s) and recipient status. Be sure to choose the file format (either excel or csv.) Click on the green Export button.

Once at the Download page, go to the Action Box on the right and choose "download." You will be prompted to open or save the file on your computer.

To export reporting data, you will find an export option on each of the reporting pages available for export. See Statistics.

Exporting unsubscribed recipients

When you decide to export unsubscribed, an error code for the unsubscription reason will be listed for each address. Please refer to the table below to match these codes with unsubscribe reasons.

Error code
Admin action (manually unsubscribed)0Unsubscribed by the administrator by changing the user status
Recipient used unsubscribe link2Unsubscribed by the user by clicking on the unsubscription link included in your message
Admin action (imported as unsubscribed)4Unsubscribed during the import process, by selecting the advanced option Import as unsubscribed (opted out)
Bounce8Automatic unsubscription due to incorrect email. More info
Due to spam complaint16Recipients clicking the "spam" button in the webmail client (e.g. Yahoo, Gmail etc.)
List-unsubscribe link32Recipients unsubscribed through a unsubscribe button in the webmail client (e.g. Yahoo, Gmail etc.)
List-unsubscribe mail64Recipients unsubscribed by sending an email to their ISP/webmail provider
Email was incorrect (bad syntax)81Email addresses with syntax errors (e.g. without a "@")
Email was invalid (bad domain)82Email related to a no longer existing domain
Emailwas incorrect (abandoned account)83Email address that was abandoned by the user. More info
Due to inactive recipient128Users who have not performed any activity in the latest period. More info
Due to blocked email256Email blocked. More info

Due to repeated bounces

512Email automatically unsubscribed due to repeated soft bounces. More info
Due to blocked email (target MTA block)2561Email blocked due to known spammer. More info
Due to blocked email (spam content)2562Email blocked due to spam content detected. More info
Due to blocked email (target MTA configuration error)2563Email blocked due to recipient configuration error. More info
Temporary opt-out due to repeated bounces5121Email temporarily unsubscribed due to repeated soft bounces. More info
Permanent opt-out due to repeated bounces5122Email permanently unsubscribed due to repeated soft bounces. More info
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